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Ascenz Marorka (GTT) recrute un « Analyst Officer »

for Vessels Weather Routing Operational Center

Ascenz Marorka, a GTT company, is a leading provider of digital solutions for Smart Ships in the maritime industry, offering one of the most comprehensive, innovative and reliable digital platforms for ship owners and charterers around the world.

Ascenz Marorka portfolio comprises solutions for Electronic Fuel Monitoring, Vessel Performance Management, LNG Cargo Management, Emissions Monitoring, Operational and Regulatory Reporting, Weather Routing…

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Ascenz Marorka is looking for an Analyst Officer for its Vessels Weather Routing Operational Center.

Our headquarters are in Paris area, France.

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Job description :


  • Collect all necessary data 72h- 24h before vessels departure (Tracking, SatComs, vessels Characteristics and Ops Constraints) in order to calculate the best routes and speeds thanks to Ascenz Marorka weather routing software
  • Provide meteorological and oceanographical forecasts and observations data to vessels
  • Analyze forecasts and observations data/ measures, in order to establish post-voyage reports – Argue for claim management, when necessary
  • Contribute to Ascenz Marorka software feedback and operational tasks, in order to improve processes
  • Advice captains for their Passage Planning, before departure and during Ocean croissing :
  • Assist captain to connect on Ascenz Marorka website, and support for to set up calculation
  • Input parameters according to captains wishes, when needed
  • Monitor vessels safety when in Storms/ Tropical depressions
  • Compare vessels routes in similar conditions
  • Take care of Fuel Consumption during voyages, and take contact with captains to optimize their voyage budget
  • Optimize all vessels routes, using the Ascenz Marorka weather routing software
  • Take into account vessels observations, in order to be able to comment about Metocean forecasts



Followings are required :

At sea experience :

  • Navigation officer during 2 years at least within the last 4 years, including Passage Planing preparations
  • Officer of the Watch on Transoceanic vessels during 4 years at least (TransAtlantic, TransPacific crossings)
  • Practical use of weather routing softwares or services
  • Rough seas navigation strong feedback
  • English language: Excellent verbal understanding/ Good English writing

Followings are an advantage :

  • Experience within a vessels Weather Routing Center/ Ops Monitoring Center
  • Officer on following vessels types: gas-carrier or tanker, liner like containers-carrier, bulk-carrier, passengers vessel
  • Officer in various maritime compagnies
  • Second Officer
  • Experience as second engineer, or chief engineer
  • Polar navigation
  • Any meteorology and/ or oceanography theorical studies certified degree
  • Any language other than English and French
  • IT:
  • Practical use of sea Keeping software
  • Practical use of ops softwares, in order to test and comment new IT Products and functionnalities



Followings are required

  • Ability for listening and taking into account with strictness all captains requirements, in order to monitor a fleet of tenths of vessels at sea, within contracts
  • Act autonomously to initiate direct contact with captains at sea by satellite phone when needed: over-speeding vessels, route deviations, fuel monitoring
  • Self-control to maintain excellent relationships, in spite of stress of severe sea conditions to be encountered
  • Full and impartial Reporting of any critical events/ difficult verbal relationships with vessels if any

Following are advantages

  • Ability to fast analyze Post-Voyage data, and to argue with scientific facts and measures for Claim management if any
  • Curious to adjust analysis with additional data sources on web
  • IT abilities to perfectly use softwares, and propose improvements or new functionnalities
  • Involved to provide the best advices to captains at sea at any time
  • Able to write feedback and feedback for future improvements



Permanent contrat

You will benefit from the following package:

  • Base salary (between 55K€ to 65K€)
  • Individual target bonus (20%)
  • Profit-sharing (15%) + (8%)
  • Company contribution of €3700 to company savings plan


You want to apply ?

You can contact Carole Leszczyszyn

or apply directly on LinkedIn form


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