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Watt’s Behind : Frédéric’s channel review

By Frédéric LESUR

WHAT'S WATT by Nexans with Frederic Lesur
WHAT’S WATT by Nexans with Frederic Lesur

Hey guy’s ! Today a very special episode on What’s Watt :

Yes ! We are doing a Youtube Channel and somehow, I’m a kind of Youtuber.

This time we are not going to talk about our channel, but other YouTube Channels related to electricity that we love and we wanted to give a shout out to.

– Machinery and Technology is the Channel that makes you travel. It brings you all around the world to discover the most incredible machines and modern technologies. Some are wonder of engineering and many are connected to our topic here : electricity ! So, if you want to discover the biggest wind or water turbines in the world, this is definitly the place to go for you.

– Practical Engineering is hosted by a real engineer, Grady HILLHOUSE, from Texas. As the name of the channel annonces it, he replies to all kinds of practical questions such as : why concrete needs reinforcement ? Why does road construction takes so long ? I could have answer this question but this is not exactly about electricity. If you are only looking for electricity content, guess what ? He has a full playlist dedicated to.

– Then meet Zach Star : you may know Zach Star’s channel and wonder why I’m talking about it, it’s not only about electricity and very much about mathematics, but you will fin super cool videos about electrical engineering there ! Just like practical engineering that we just mentionned, there is actually a full playlist dedicated to our favorite topic made of 11 videos : that’s quite a lot already !

– Electroboom is an explosive channel : explosions are massive and that’s why BOOM is written in capital letters. Mehdi, the host, is a real scientist and the shocks he creates are made to show the danger of electricity. If you want to be electrified (NO!) this is the right place to go ! But don’t forget take safety very seriously !

– Real Engineering a.k.a. : James MACMANUS publishes videos on topics such as planes, renewable energy and military technology. During the COVID 19 pandemic, he made a super interesting video about ventilators. Engineering students, it’ll help you increase your practical knowledge.

And also a shout out to our two friends from What’s Watt season one Vanessa HILL from Braincraft and Athna Brensberger from AstroAthens.

That’s it for this review of YouTube’s channel related to electricity. What are your favorite ? Don’t hesitate to tell me about them in the comment section, and I will sure have a look ! But don’t forget, What’s Watt is still here ! See you next time !

Frédéric LESUR


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